As well as the ten tracks we wrote for the Down I Go album, the kickstarter that funded it also commissioned three cover songs, which we did with varying amounts of enthusiasm. They’re all up on our bandcamp, and now available on a matching grey vinyl 12″ to go with the album. The drums and guitars were all recorded at the same time as the album, but when it came to mixing, I used a bunch of UA plug-ins with my Apollo Twin, namely the SSL 4k channel strip on all the close mics, and the Maag EQ4 on guitar and vocal busses. The Lexicon reverb also got a look in, but is a little processor hungry for my Duo Core. What I like most about these hardware emulations is the interface – you can’t see what’s going on without the usual graphics, so you just have to use your ears.

The B-side, our ill fated side project Sammy Davis Jnr. Jnr. was recorded about four years ago, and languished on a hard disc until we found people to sing on it. The drums are sample free (wish I could remember which snare drum I used) and the guitars were double amped (a slightly dirty and a clean stack, back to back), and hard panned. The second guitar went down the same way, but the pans reversed. This pseudo stereo image meant that even if only one guitar was playing, it still sounded full and less lop sided, but had the live feel of a single tracked guitar.

The opening track of the record is a song that didn’t make it onto the album, because it was deemed ‘too silly’ by the rest of the band. Silly or not, it show cases my 5-string Musicman, a purchase inspired by borrowing Jeremy’s back in April (see below). You gotta love the tension in that low B.

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