Even though we went to Iceland over a year ago, and the record came out months ago, I’m still working on it. As part of the kickstarter that funded the Down I Go album we offered a package that included the writing demos that we recorded in a hut, in a lava field in Iceland. I’m just now getting round to remixing them, and was just finishing up when I realised that the kick drum on the opening track, Kidhouse, was overbearingly clicky. As well as the usual variables in kick drum sounds: mic choice, placement, thickness of head, type of beater etc, performance has a huge effect on the attack. I guess I was stamping particularly hard for this particular song and so the initial transients are correspondingly loud.
I was hoping to go back in and just EQ and compress that song differently, but the Logic project for day one’s recordings became corrupted and refused to open, so all I had was my initial mix to work with.
Izotope’s RX4 to the rescue, using the sensitivity control to reduce the kick clicks, while not dulling the snare. Have a listen.

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