On my last trip back to London I threw an old guitar in my suitcase, a 1976 Gibson Marauder that I bought in 1998 from a Loot ad in Wales. Over the years it’s been in various states of playability, and on JesseJames tours, Rich gave it the nickname The Melingerer, due to its crappy tone and disheveled state. This might have had a lot to do with the cheap mini humbuckers I fitted it with, so I decided to revive it with a Seymour Duncan SM-3b. As you can hear below, not only does it have a higher and brighter output, but generally, it’s clearer and more aggressive. I’m still convinced the original pick ups are in my parents’ attic somewhere.
Rather than add a bunch more variables by recording it through an amp, I just DI-ed straight into my Apollo Twin and ‘reamped’ using the UA Marshall Plexi plug-in.

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