Today my new band Big Night In’s EP hits the digital shelves. We called it Big Night In, and the second song is also called Big Night In, so if you play that song on your iPhone it’ll say ‘Bight Night In, Big Night In, Big Night In’ in iTunes. Also we bought as a domain name. It’s that kind of band.
We recorded it all at Wall to Wall, just in time before they booted us out and the jackhammers came in to turn the place into luxury condos. Some of the last sessions were kind of sad and empty since Mickey had moved most of his gear out, but we kept the couch and the lava lamp until the very end.
As hard as it already is recording and mixing your own band while retaining some sense of distance/subjective judgement of the music, we also ran into trouble tracking the guitars. The songs are a weird mix of Thin Lizzy style riffs, AC/DC open chords and modern punk rock, so finding a guitar tone/gain that would work throughout was always going to be a struggle. We thought we’d found the answer in an Orange Rockerverb 50, with the mids cranked and the gain just shy of noon, but over the course of January we decided to retrack various bits for various reasons, and only had Dave’s modded JCM900 at hand. By the time we were happy with all the solos and rhythm parts we’d retracked almost half the guitars, and the Marshall and Orange tones are VERY different.
I think if this were an actual session, rather than MY band’s first EP, recorded in various degrees of inebriation, I would have insisted on starting again and tracking all the guitars with the same set up. But this is Big Night In, and we have different priorities. So here it is, my new band, and the only five songs we know how to play.

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