I would have mentioned this earlier, like last year, when I went to Toronto to write it with Alan, but we were trying to keep it under wraps for added surprise appeal. It seems to have worked. The Independent streamed a pre-release and did an interview with us, and the unfortunately named music blog, Toilet Ov Hell said some very nice things about it, and I think we’ve sold enough copies on bandcamp to buy Pete a plane ticket, so that if we do another one, we won’t have to wait FOREVER for his vocals.
We wrote it in Brendan’s now defunct (I’m assuming, since he moved to Ottawa) Stu Stu Studio in Toronto, and then Alan came down to Antioch and we tracked the drums in my (still) unfinished control room, and the guitars in the (still) semi finished barn. Once Pete had tracked all the vocals (using an SM7 and some iPhone earbuds), I mixed it over a couple weeks in June. I’m pretty stoked on how it sounds despite initially trying to steer the mix in a more ‘pop’ direction and failing. Sometimes it just comes out the way it wants.

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