Studio Envy, the final chapter.

Last week I was in Brooklyn visiting the Stefanellis, and we took a trip out to Rockaway Beach to visit Mike’s old friend Matt in his semi-restored Arts & Crafts Victorian family house (Hurricane Sandy gave it a battering) and semi-finished recording studio out back. Matt is doing a similar thing to me here in the barn, but on a much grander scale. They had a middle-aged Polish guy dig out a 6ft basement in the original coach house, by hand. Just him, a shovel and a wheel barrow. Incredible. But the rest of it, like me, he’s done himself, with a lot of help from his friend Good Keith. He’s also doing the rough cut pine boards thing, with no particular treatment plan; just hear how it turns out and adjust accordingly. His control room is on the upper level though, and he has a bunch of smaller booths built in to the plan. I expect to have my studio up and running by Christmas, with the occasional impromptu session before then, so Matt’s studio will probably be the last one I stick my head into before I can truly call myself a studio owner. And as a final chapter, it was certainly the most appropriate and inspiring, talking about the prizes and pitfalls of studio construction with a like minded soul (he’s a bearded drummer too) while we drank beer and he nailed wood to the wall (the main difference is that I only use screws). Check out his band The Forms.

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