My name is Ben Standage. I like to record music. I am back in Chicago with my mobile recording rig and a downtown studio space.

I was in a band once, and since then I’ve been recording the heavier side of rock music in barns, living rooms, and recording studios. I am a purveyor of sonically interesting spaces and try to use ambience instead of digital reverb. I am also a believer in a dying style of production where a band’s record sounds like a band playing. Because of this, I try not to use triggered drum samples, and if I do, I’ll only blend the live mic with a sample taken from the drummer’s kit. When I master, I try and find a compromise between making your music as loud as everyone else’s and it having no discernible quiet bits. If you make a mistake, I might leave it in. If you can sing, I might not melodyne you. Check out the audio page to hear examples of work that I’ve done over the years.

I offer musicality and better judgement with my services. I believe recording should be as enjoyable as performing. I like to exercise my personal quality control over as many stages of the production as the client will allow, because I care how it sounds when it’s finished. I can provide you with separate bounced tracks for you to complete yourself, or the finished product, mixed and mastered. Check out the blog page to see what I’m up to right now.

Check out my personal bandcamp page, which hopefully proves that I have an ear for a tune as well as an understanding of song structure. I am keen to produce, when recording bands, but know when to sit back and just press the buttons.

email me at if you’re interested in recording with me.